Choosing the right basement finishing system

While earlier the homeowner or contractor had to choose the materials for making the basement moisture-proof and suitable for living or storage, the companies offering basement finishing are also usually providing labor services to install the material and finish the basement in addition to supplying the materials. It is usually difficult for the homeowner to purchase the materials required separately from most of the finishing system providers. Homeowners should be aware of the fact that the flooring is sometimes not supplied as part of the system, they have to provide it themselves. 

The finishing system usually has specially made wall panels that are made from materials that are designed for high moisture levels and water leakage. This material will dry quickly if the basement is flooded and will not get affected, will not develop mold or degrade even if the moisture levels in the basement are high. The wall material also includes insulation, and this helps in regulating the temperature of the basement. The ceiling used in the finishing systems is of the suspended type since they can be easily removed if required. If these ceilings are used, it is easier to access the wiring or other parts. 

Compared to other methods of finishing the basement, the cost of the finishing system is usually higher. Typically for a basement, the cost of the finishing system will be $30,000 or more and depends on the size of the basement to a large extent. This is usually more than the charges for hiring a contractor for finishing the basement. The cost of the system is usually quoted on a per square foot basis and the supplier will also specify the type of insulation which is being provided for the walls. Usually the time taken for finishing the basement is approximately two weeks and is faster, cleaner than other methods.

There are a number of companies offering basement finishing, and they differ in their wall pricing, insulation material, and other features. Owens Corning is one of the most high profile companies for basement finishing, and their system is aesthetically pleasing, quickly installed. However, its rates for basement finishing are higher. Another company that is well known for basement finishing is Total Basement Finishing, and it also supplies flooring for the basement. Wahoo Wall panels are one of the few companies which sells the materials required for the basement finishing separately for homeowners who wish to finish their basement themselves.

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